Iqbal Ahmed Salarzai is a restless promoter of the Pakistan Checkers and Draughts Federation. He did create a series of online tournaments. Tournaments are weekly and more info can be found here.

In a recent tournament to Honor WCDF President and Grandmaster Richard Beckwith the first price as to play multiple time world champion Alexander Moiseyev in a online match.

The tournament had a good turnout and was won by fellow Grandmaster Billy Docherty. Below the top 10.

For those interested full results can be seen at the tournament page.

Alex Moiseyev and Billy Docherty will play against each other in an online match on the 26th September 2021 at 18:00 UK time. Playroom Detroit. 24 games GAYP with 1 Minute and 2 Seconds per move added.

Who are the contenders?

Alex Moiseyev

A former 3-move World Champion and veteran Grandmaster. He is the current 11-men World Champion and several times US National Champion among many other accolades.

Billy Docherty

A Scottish Grandmaster hailing from France. He is a former 3-Move World Title Contender, British Open Champion and German Open Winner to name a few.

Special Referee:

Danny Oliphant

A Scottish Master player and seasoned UK veteran. He is usually found at tournaments all around Europe and the UK playing, organizing and refereeing. His accolades are plenty but namely winning the first German Open and the British Counties.

Surely we can expect a host of good games and a fun event. Both grandmasters faced off before in matchplay with Alex Moiseyev having the upper hand with a foto finish. Good luck to all and let us fans cheer them!

If your interested to play in one of the tournaments then please do visit the Facebook site for more information on his weekly events.

Match Result:

You can download the actual games by clicking on the below download image.