Robert McCall (1844-1898)

Born in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1844. He was one of the first officials, referee, stakeholder, and draughts politician. In 1873 he established a draughts column in the Glasgow Weekly Herald and run it as the editor for 20 years.

He was known for launching and carrying the Lanarkshire Draughts Association and was instrumental in the formation of the Glasgow Draughts Association and Scottish Draughts Association. Robert McCall served as president to the Glasgow and honorary president to the Scottish Draughts Association.

He was involved in issuing and organizing the International Matches between England vs Scotland, the Scottish Open among many more events. In terms of publications, he was involved in lending a helping hand with R. McCulloch “Anderson & McCulloch’s Guide” among others.

Beside draughts, he is known to have played whist and chess. His jolly face, a merry twinkle of the eye with his humor is said to have banished the blues from a community of Quakers. He disliked quarrels among the players and his column are the peacemakers in a controversy over the game.

He was an instrumental peacemaker between James Wyllie and Robert Martins as the two were not on the best of terms at times. His peacemaking and influence eventually lead to their famous switcher match. He was as well one of the driving forces behind the C. F. Barker against Robert Martins 1888 Glasgow match, as well as the James Smith against C. F. Barker match in 1889. Most prominently he did as well referee the James Ferrie against James “Herd Laddie” Wyllie in Glasgow 1883, among many others. He passed away in 1898.

Taken around 1896 with Robert M’Call in the center. He is surrounded by some of the most prominent players of all time.

McCall in the news:

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