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Checkers for the Novice

Complete Checkers: Insights

Draughts and Introduction to Championship Play

How to Win at Checkers

Starting Out in Draughts

Win at Checkers

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Draughts Praxis or Modern Match Games

First International Match in Checkers Great Britain and the United States 1905

German Open 2004

More Memorable Checkers Matches

Second International Checker Match America vs. Great Britain 1927

The Checkers Games of Harry Freedman

The Art of Checkers

The Checkers Games of Richard Jordan

The Fourth International Match USA vs UK

The Game of Draughts – Gould’s Historic and Memorable Matches

The Great International Match: Charles Francis Barker and James Smith


The Magical Checker Play of Elbert Lowder

World Championship Checkers

History & Art

An iconography of draughts

Chess, Draughts, Morris & Tables

SDA Scrapbook

The History of Draughts in Cornwall

The Scottish School Of Draughts 1820-1930

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Basic Checkers

Bowen’s Cross Opening or Cross Opening, Games of Draughts

Complete Checkers

Lees’ Guide to the Game of Checkers or Draughts

Scientific Checkers Made Easy

Spayth’s Checker Player

The British Draughts Player

The Encyclopaedia of Draughts or Kears Encyclopaedia

The Modern Encyclopedia of Checkers

Problem Books

Boland’s Bridges in the Game of Checkers

Boland’s Famous Positions (1940)

Boland’s Masterpieces in the Game of Checkers

Jim Loy’s Checker Problems Vol. 1 – Correcting the Ancients

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The Clapham Common Draughts Book

The Game of Draughts – Gould’s Book of Problems

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