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More Memorable Checkers Matches

a sequel to Gould’s Historic and Memorable Matches

More 19th Century Matches, including 1859 and 1863 R. Martins – J. Wyllie World Championship Matches.

First Edition in 2010 – Totaling 137 pages.

Published and Authored by Jim Loy.

About the author

Jim Loy

Some of you will know Jim Loy. In his own words as of January 2021. ” I have lived my entire life in Montana (except for a few years in the Army, including Vietnam).  I am 73 right now.  I got a degree in mathematics and worked as a computer programmer. I am now retired.  I got into checkers because I wanted to write a checkers program for my Apple ][+ computer.  I joined the ACF and bought a pile of books.  My checkers improved faster than the checkers program did and I became a moderately strong mail player.  I created a WWW site with checkers pages.  I designed a checkers diagram font.  In 2005, I became the editor of the ACF Bulletin, which I still do.  I’ve written a lot of checkers books, more than anyone, although Tom Wiswell and Richard Pask have sold more.  I am coaching Lubabalo Kondlo by email.  He calls me “oldman,” which he assures me is a sign of respect.  I am currently writing the Best Checker Games of Walter Hellman.  I have created a lot of checkers problems by correcting other people’s games and problems.  I plan on living forever.  Which has worked so far.”

Book Index

There is as well an index at the end listening the individual openings played.



Simply a collection of games without comments but with occasional short remarks on the matches.


Who is this book for

For the beginner, not the best place to start but well worth it for people that do not own a rich library of old magazines or early resources yet still enjoy good games. For the collectors unless you can obtain all the sources. Which will prove rather difficult if not impossible after all.


A must for all history and early game fans a definite must because early sources are rather hard to procure or extraordinarily expensive if not in museums. Expert and above might stray for inspiration but beginners, not the book for you unless you do plan ahead in your checkers education.


5 Star

Where to obtain

Jim Loy – moc.l1716858847iamg@171685884767yol1716858847mij1716858847

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