The tournaments were well received and did attract competitors of various countries.

All in all his English Draughts and International Draughts Tournaments did attract players from many different countries!

To name some prominent players who participated in the tournaments

GMI/Top Personalities

1) Richard Beckwith, USA

2) Donald Oliphant, Scotland

3) Alexander Moiseyev, USA

4) Sergio Scarpetta, Italy

5) William Docherty, France

Rated Players

6) Alona Maksymova, Ukraine

7) Kent Layne, Barbados

8 ) Filip Kareta, Czech Republic

9) Watson Franks, USA

10) Hiroshi Kawaguchi, Japan

11) Priit Lokotar, Estonia

12) Dumrong Yuebangsai, Thailand

13) Raymond Vandecaetsbeek, Belgium

All in all the tournaments did attract participation from all over the globe.

So once can say it was well received from Africa and Europe to the Amerika and Asia. All in all over 35 countries!

Thank you Iqbal Ahmed Salarzai for your hard work running and promoting the events. Without you the draughts world be poorer for it!

Last but not least he did branch out recently to establish the Dr. Richard Beckwith Online Checkers World Cup 2022 which is now in his second season.

More details on the Richard Beckwith Online World Cup and his weekly tournaments can be found by clicking on the below picture.