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The Scottish School Of Draughts 1820-1930

by Norrie Reid

Edition reviewed: Edition 2

Print version all unnumbered pages

First Published: no publication date

About the author

Norrie Reid

Some of you might know Norrie Reid from his articles on Wyllie Draughts. All in all, he is a lover of early draughts history and clearly went all in for his research.

Book index

It has no index.



Who is this book for?

A must-have for every lover of early draughts history. If you ever wanted a deep dive into the life of draughts players of this period then this is the book for you. Andrew Anderson, James “Herd Laddie” Wyllie, Robert Martins, Robert Stewart, James Ferrie, Richard Jordan, Alexander Bryson, Harry Freedman, John Drummond and many more. It is not for you if your looking for games as there are just a few endgame examples in it. But, go for it, if you are interested in any Scottish Player from this period when Scottish players reigned supreme.


While this book is oddly formatted at  breaks, it is still great and the best piece on this subject matter by far. Some of the pictures are not very clear due to sources and the book has no index, so to find a biography takes a bit of searching. It has no references or footnotes or an indication of where information is from. All in all one of the best history books as it’s oozing from his passion and the sheer detail of his research! A ‘Must Buy’ if you are interested in early Scottish draughts history.


5 Star

Where to obtain

It is self-published by Norrie Reid and can only be obtained by sending him an email to moc.l1716858703iamg@1716858703961di1716858703er.j.1716858703n1716858703.

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