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Boland’s Checkers in Depth

Copyright 1974 by Ben Boland, Author and Publisher

Livingston Manor, New York, 200 numbered pages.

About the Author

Benjamin (Ben) Boland was born in Lachine, Ontario, Canada in 1910. When he was ten years old his parents relocated to Brooklyn, New York.

He was without a question the greatest problemist. He was a regular contributor to Elam’s Checker Board (ECB).


He did enrich the literature of checkers with such great books like

No finer tribute could be paid than Dr. Marion Tinsley stating “When I go to checker tournaments the only books I carry are those by Ben Boland”. Ben Boland died age 89 in Delray Beach, FL on the 25th March 1999.

Book index

Apologies for the image quality, but the book is very tightly cropped, and the pages do not open properly.

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Who is this book for?

Like all other of Boland’s works, a must-have for the advanced player and aspiring master. A beginner might find it puzzling at first, but if one wants to advance his skills, then it is a must-have.


Like all of Boland’s works, I wouldn’t recommend it to a mere beginner or novice as it can be overwhelming and might appear too dry for the untrained eye. It is more a book to put on the shelf until you reach the level of your draughts or checkers education where you should study advanced endgames. Pull it out and experience its class when you do have the desire and skills to get into its advanced endgames.


5 Star

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