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The Scottish Open Draughts Championship held at Kirkwall 5th – 9th July 1965

80 Games Selected by the Scottish Draughts Association

Carefully Annotated and Illustrated with various Diagrams

Edition reviewed: 1st ED

Edited by R. J. Ellliott, Published by the Scottish Draughts Association.

65 numbered pages.

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The Scottish Draughts Association is the oldest Draughts Federation in the world.

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Who is this book for?

If you are looking for games of the Scottish star players of the time and future star players, then this is the booklet. Some prominent players were John McGill, Jimmy Grant, Tom Watson, and James Marshall. A student of the game looking for some good games by the finest Scottish Players of their time. I would definitely recommend it for advanced study purposes.


A fine booklet and unfortunately the Scottish Open Tournament is not always published as a booklet anymore.


5 Star

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