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Lets play more checkers and draughts!

Something old and beautiful in a new homepage


This homepage aims to help people of all levels start to rediscover the hidden beauties of the ancient game of draughts or checkers. Hope you will enjoy this page as well as some of the material covered on here. The material on this page will not only be for beginners but for players of all levels. Hope it helps you out to a great start!

If your new to checkers maybe one should start with the rules and the equipment.

Once your familiar with the basic rules then comes the hard part.

How to improve your game?

I would advise you to take a look at the article My Checkers Advice by Grandmaster Richard Beckwith.

If your looking for book reviews. We do have a wide selection of that.

If you enjoy the history of this great game or are a history buff you might enjoy the biographies section in the menu.

What is in the future planned?

I do plan to publish some games here with our game display app and mainly book reviews but not limited to. In addition to this, there is our very own app to display games or positions in a browser-friendly manner. Here is a famous sample game.

Last but not least thanks to Alex Weaver that gave permission to use the above picture of his Facebook. Hope you will enjoy this site and if you do have any remarks or comments or even critique. Let me know under the contact section.

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