There are openings in the 12-16 that are all of the Dundee family. Therefore they are all named Dundee initially with some additions during the 2-move and/or 3-move era. One can see a fine example in Basic Checkers where Richard Fortman grouped the openings. The name was given by Mr. A. J. Dunlap a draughts editor to compliment players of the Dundee Draughts Club, for an interesting analysis of the opening in the Dundee Weekly News.

12-16 forms the Dundee family.

12-16, 24-20, 8-12 Bonnie Dundee originally applied to the burgh and popularized in a poem by Sir Walter Scott and attached to a pre-existing tune.

12-16, 21-17, 9-14 forms the Minotaur. In the April 1969 issue of the ACF Bulletin the writer remarked: “An opening as perplexing, as obstinate and ‘bull headed’ as this does not deserve to be nameless, therefore, we suggest the Minotaur – a ferocious monster of Greek mythology, possessing the body of a man, and the head of a bull – confined forever to the maze by King Minos.” Since that time, the name seems to have been accepted.

12-16, 24-20, 10-15 forms The Skunk initially barred but after years of analysis did enter the 3-move deck in 2003 as it is believed to be drawable. First suggested by Elbert Lowder the name was agreed on by the Star Wars Postal Tournament.