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The Complete Encyclopedia of Draughts Vol. 2 – Power Play

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About the authors

Derek Oldbury (1924-1994)

Marion Tinsley on the left playing Derek Oldbury.

Derek Oldbury, was born 21st March 1924 and had a birth defect which confined him to a wheel chair for the rest off his life. He was given only a few weeks to live but died at the age of 70, on 9th July 1994. He won his first major tournament in 1950 taking the Scottish Open age just 26. His tournament accolades are a great many but keep it brief it includes winning the British Open, Scottish Open, English Open and US Nationals.

All in all he competed in 7 world championship matches, winning in 1976 (GAYP) and 1991 (3-move). His greatest achievement was maybe to win a game of Marion Tinsley.

He authored several books and magazines including his 6-volume masterpiece ‘The Complete Encyclopedia of Draughts’.

Remark: There is much more to write about Derek Oldbury and much has been written but I think it warrants an extensive Biography in the Biography section at a later stage.

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Who is this book for

Everybody that looks for deep history and education in the game of draughts. The education subjects might now be as comprehensive as in other books, but they are full of stories, anecdotes, wits, and historical facts while going into great detail on some openings and play. Not for the mere beginner, more geared towards advanced and expert players.


I do consider this the best book series ever written on draughts. Part 2 is a must-have for every serious player. While certainly in parts, it is not easy to understand for the beginner. If you get into this book, it will show you it’s full of witty content and teaches you approaches on how to develop yourself in draughts.


5 Star

How to obtain?

I couldn’t find a source online on one of the usual antique booksellers. Yet if someone is interested, I can point you out to some private collectors willing to part with the whole set.