The greatest game in the world and one of the favorites of the intelligent people is also known and played very well in numerous cities of Pakistan. The purchasing and selling of boards & pieces in whole sell markets of sports goods prove that this game is very popular and famous in our country. This game is nearly 5000 thousand years old and its world championship is being played since 1840. In the 16th century, the first checker’s book was written in Spanish, in English first book was written by William Payne in 1756, In the Urdu language, only one book was written by R.A. Kirmani, founder of Malir Draughts Club, Karachi. Till to date, more than one thousand books are available online in different languages, besides a lot of heavy Draughts Computer program from Novice level to Grand Master level are freely available online for training purposes. In the history of Draughts game of Pakistan, I found that the first time Draughts was played in 1932 in Liyari, a town of Karachi. Without any doubt, the Liyari area is the first base of Draughts in Pakistan. The first Karachi Championship was organized by the Liyari Draughts Club in 1952 was won by Mr.Haji Khuda Bux.

After this, a lot of clubs and players were contacted with Lyari Club and especially, Malir, Korangi North Karachi Draughts clubs conducted countless tournaments in Karachi, more than at least 80 players did participate in every tournament.
I have interest in this game and play globally for a long time, I felt that a platform is necessary to unite all the players of Pakistan and aware of international laws and procedures for the best players of the country to represent Pakistan in international forums.
In the light of the above facts, I formed Pakistan Checkers Draughts Association PCDA in 2015, to achieve these goals and targets for the players of Pakistan.


  • To run this Association for enhancement, promotion, coaching & training of draughts in Pakistan.
  • To create harmony amongst all the players
  • To promote the best players of Pakistan in international events on a merit base.
  • To conduct national championships every year for men, women, and children.
  • To accept advice and suggestions sent by players and supporters for the betterment, promotion, progress, and increase interest in the game.
  • To provide this hobby to every citizen of Pakistan. This game has no time, age, and proper location.
  • To provide facilities especially for children to avoid mobile games and select a scientific game and represent Pakistan in near future.
  • To provide training and coaching of online playing and improve their game skills on international standards.
  • I mentioned above few goals of PCDA for players and promotion of game without any benefit or politics only on merit basis with all sincerity.


  • Kids training camps, kids tournaments in different cities in Pakistan
  • Four National Championships in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020
  • All Karachi Championship in 2020
  • Several public holiday tournaments
  • Several tournament and friendship events online

Last but not least, I hope and request to all players, supporters and sponsors to unite and try to do the best for the promotion of game and PCDA, and also find sponsor ship.

Below some pictures of the the past four National open

Pakistan National 2017

Pakistan Nationals 1of5 - 2017 Pakistan Nationals 2of5 - 2017 Pakistan Nationals 3of5 - 2017 Pakistan Nationals 4of5 - 2017 Pakistan Nationals 5of5 - 2017

Pakistan Nationals 2018

Pakistan Nationals 2of5 - 2018 Pakistan Nationals 4of5 - 2018 Pakistan Nationals 1of5 - 2018 Pakistan Nationals 3of5 - 2018 Pakistan Nationals 5of5 - 2018

Pakistan Nationals 2019

Pakistan Nationals 1of5 - 2019 Pakistan Nationals 2of5 - 2019 Pakistan Nationals 3of5 - 2019 Pakistan Nationals 4of5 - 2019 Pakistan Nationals 5of5 - 2019

Pakistan Nationals 2020

Pakistan Nationals 1of5 - 2020 Pakistan Nationals 2of5 - 2020 Pakistan Nationals 3of5 - 2020 Pakistan Nationals 4of5 - 2020 Pakistan Nationals 5of5 - 2020

For more pictures and full results you can look at the PCDA Facebook site