There are openings in the 10-14 that are all of the Denny family. Therefore they are all named Denny initially with some additions during the 2-move and/or 3-move era. One can see a fine example in Basic Checkers where Richard Fortman grouped the openings. The name was given by Mr. John Drummond named after the town of Denny where he used to reside.

10-14 forms the Denny family.

10-14, 22-17, 9-13 forms The Black Hole initially barred but after years of analysis did enter the 3-move deck in 2003 as it is believed to be drawable.

10-14, 22-17, 11-15 forms the Denny Dodger because of its transposition into another opening.

10-14, 22-17, 11-16 forms the Gemeni I so named after the star constellation in the Northern Hemisphere as well holding the nickname “The Twins” due to their twin-like properties.

10-14, 22-18, 7-10 forms the Fraser’s Inferno so named because Prof. W. R. Fraser of Montreal, Canada use this twice in GAYP vs. Tom Wiswell in their 1960 title match.

10-14, 23-19, 7-10 forms the Diabolical Denny.

10-14, 23-19, 11-15 forms The Virginia initially one of the barred openings but entered the 3-move style in 1982. Named so in Janviers Andersons.

10-14, 24-19, 6-10 forms The Nemesis.

10-14, 24-19, 11-15 forms The Rattlesnake II.