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Reprint by Coachwhip Publications ©2011 with 151 Pages in total. The original was first published in 1950.

ISBN 10: 1616460784
ISBN 13: 9781616460785

About the Author

William Ryan

William Francis Ryan (1907-1954)

Ryan was nicknamed the Bronx Comet or Willie. Notably, he was one of the most prominent players of his time. Most importantly, he managed to win the American Championship in 1939 and 1946. On top of this, he was as well an accomplished blindfold player.
During his lifetime, he was a very prolific writer and did publish and co-author several books & magazines.

To name just some of his publications

Books & Booklets
  • Scientific Checkers Made Easy
  • Championship Checkers Simplified
  • The Modern Encyclopedia of Checkers
  • Tricks, Traps & Shots of the Checkerboard
  • It’s Your Move: A New Manual of Checkers
  • World Championship Checkers
  • Streamlined Checkers: A Lucid exposition of Scientific Play and Instructions on the Game of Checkers, Embracing a Precise Treatment of All Major Variations on the 18 – 15 Line of the Double Corner Opening

  • The King-Row Review
  • The Checkergram
  • Checkers: Games of the Blindfold Match Between William F. Ryan and Newell W. Banks
  • The American Checkerist
  • The New Checkergram

However, William Ryan’s crowning achievement is a failed attempt for the World Championship. The match in 1949 against Walter Hellman ended in a drawn score with Hellman retaining. Furthermore, he did have an unsuccessful run on a world title against Newell Banks. This attempt was in 1937 for the World Blindfold Championship.

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Content Excerpt

Throughout, the author does soften the actual play in his entertaining anecdote style. Because of this, the book becomes enjoyable. In short, the below excerpt does illustrate this quite well.


Who is this book for?

It is for all kind of levels. I am sure we all can learn something out of a trap book. From the beginner to a master level player. As it is quite entertaining in style as well it is not dull and dry at all so make a perfect study not just if you want to avoid some traps and pitfalls but set them up.


In summary, this book is one of the classic must-have for a student or collector. The index arranges the Traps in a useful manner. Therefore, if you are wanting to widen your knowledge or practice for a tournament, then it is the book for you.


5 Star

Where to obtain

or if you do like old books and give an commercial seller a go

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