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The Game of Draughts – Gould’s Book of Problems Critical Positions and Games with Appendix commonly referred to as Gould’s Book of Problems. Fourth Edition.

Fourth Edition undated as well as Third Edition but Fourth Edition mentions the passing of Mr. J. Gould so it is after 1914. First Edition was published 1884 and Second Edition is 1894.

Totaling 378 numbered pages.

Published by E. Marlborough & Co. Ltd. and printed by J. Gould and Sons., Middlesbrough.

About the authors

The authors are various but lets stick with J. Gould the initial author and to put the work into print.

Joseph Gould (1830-1914)

He did contribute quite some books and publications. It is known that he was a publisher, author and printer out of Middlesbrough. Undoubtfully one can assume that he was a lover of the game. His prints of various books such as Lees Guide, Goulds Problems, Critical Positions and Historical Matches plus the British Draughts Player. They are a testament of how much he enriched the game. His sons did continue his publications.

Book index

In this edition various indexes are provided. I will only focus on the problem index not on the bridges.

Goulds_Problem_Book_Problem_Index_1of4_4ED Goulds_Problem_Book_Problem_Index_2of4_4ED Goulds_Problem_Book_Problem_Index_3of4_4ED Goulds_Problem_Book_Problem_Index_4of4_4ED


This book is a collection of problems of various authors. All in all there are 1084 problems.



Who is this book for

Simply everybody who is into problems and problem solving. If your looking for bridge themes the section is a bit small unlike some other books but it is enough to get a good idea and bite your teeth in. It was the first of its kind and is still of great value to any student of the game.


I would use it for practice to keep practicing your problem solutions skills. While some of the solutions might be outdated by todays standard it is a great brain teaser. If you want to make one hundred percent sure then run it with a program while practice. Must have for collectors and all players.


5 Star

Where to obtain

Free digital copy of the Third Edition

If you do prefer to obtain the classic original

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