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The Inferno of Checkers

A review of classical and contemporary (English) checkers

1959 Edition with 212 pages

Published by L. L. Hall, Los Angeles, Calif. 1959

Copyright 1959 by W. R. Fraser

About the Authors

W. R. Fraser (1908-1972)

Considered one of the best Canadian players in history. He did hold the Canadian Match Championship for over a decade and was a Professor of Humanities at St. George. At one time he was rated top 5 in America having beaten such players like Newell Banks, Richard Fortman, Norman Wrexler. He did have two losing efforts against Tom Wiswell for the Go As You Please World Championship. He did author or co-author several books most notably “The Inferno of Checkers” and “International Checkers and Draughts”.

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Who is this book for?

While this book is aimed to give you a good start in checkers, I would give it to any beginner. Mr Faser has a very entertaining style and a lot of good content. The book is a mixed bag of content. Covering various subject but very specific a bit like Draughts Praxis or Modern Match Games. I would instead give it to the advanced or expert players in order to widen their knowledge.


All in all, it is a good book with a lot of humor and funny insights. It doesn’t get the love he deserves as he was competing with many other good books and brilliant authors of the period.


5 Star

Where to obtain

Couldn’t locate a free digital version.

If you do like old books and give an commercial seller a go click the image below.


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