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Book Play – A line that is well published and usual a standard line of attack or defense in a certain opening.

Cook – Winning play previously prepared or “cooked up” for a special occasion. Simply a line to throw someone of their prepared or book knowledge to gain a win.

Crossboard – Playing an unfamiliar line which requires a lot of calculation and though.

GAYPGo As You Please – A style of tournament play and general play where both players can make any first move.

Single Corner – The Area 4 or 29 on the opposite side forms a single corner.

Double Corner – The area 1 to 5 and 28 and 32 form a double corner shape.

11-Men – A lesser played tournament style where two pieces are removed from each side and the two first moves for each color are made at random.

2-Move – An abolished style of play that was the predecessor of the 3-move style.

3-Move – A general agreed on tournament-style where the first three moves are random. It is simply a deck of 156 opening moves which is drawn from at random.

Published Play – That which has appeared in print anywhere at any time. Abbreviation: p. p.