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SDA Scrapbook

Waled Fra A’ The Airts Wise and Otherwise

collated by “St. Ringans” and Others

Published in 1946

31 numbered pages.

Issued by and on behalf of the Scottish Draughts Association Funds, and printed by A. Learmonth & Son, at the Offices of the “Stirling Journal.”

About the Publisher

The Scottish Draughts Association

The oldest existing Draughts Association formed in 1893.

Book index

It has none. Just a collection of articles like a real scrapbook.



Who is this book for?

Collectors of curious draughts stories and that are looking for some entertainment. It is as the title suggests a collection of articles published in other publications over the years.


If you are looking for some light entertainment and a quick read. Definitely the booklet for you.


4 Star

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