Kent Layne – Barbados Draughts Player

Young Kent Layne with some of his Trophies
Kent Layne with some of his trophies

A bio of Kent Layne by Kent Layne as of March, 2021.

Kent Layne a Sportswriter in Barbados who writes in Barbados today online newspaper lives in Bridgetown Barbados. Kent is a Former Barbados Junior Champion and won the Barbados Majors title in 2014 and now plays in the Masters.

Layne 35 years old played in the World Qualifier 2004 Juniors in Barbados finishing 2nd to Usa Player Clayton Nash at 18 years old. Kent had won the Barbados open Juniors playing undefeated that same year.

The Rising Star played in the Masters Barbados open 2015 played undefeated for the first 5 rounds drawing matches with top-class players such as Richard Grazette who won the Tournament defeating Jack Francis in the final, Desmond Maughan Who also defeated Jack Francis in that tournament.

Layne had lost the final 3 rounds but was pleased with his performance first time in the masters.

That same year Kent had gone over to the world Qualifier in Knighton Wales Where he had a score of 2 wins defeating Graham Young of Scotland and John Morgan of Wales 1-0 Drawing 3 matches with Grand Master Jim Morrison, John Jolliff, and Anthony Rose and losing 3 to finish on 14 points 5 points behind 6 guys tied on 19 points, Michele Borghetti Ron King, Richard Beckwith, Kondlo, Bernini and Martynov.

I seem to always lose 3 matches in tournaments something that is haunting me I am working on.

I’m the youngest Master in Barbados and I think I did well so far just looking for more exposure and aiming to play more overseas as they are a lot of Grandmasters who I have not played.

Kent Layne in  Action
Kent Layne in Action at WCDF Qualifier in Knighton.

In the 2019 Barbados National Kent had played 6 draws, 1 win, and 3 lost. to score 17 points. Another highlight in 2020 was drawing both games with Grand Master Jack Francis onboard one which was streamed live on the internet a game that had the biggest online audience even more than the Ron King Jack Francis Match.

I was surprised to hear that match had the most people watching since I was the underdog.

Ron King and Carson Farley are the only top players in Barbados who I never got a draw with but I’m looking to work on that as I worked on Jack Francis.

Layne Overseas Tournaments include trips to the USA, Ireland, Wales, and Italy.

I played in the world qualifier in Italy in 2016 which was 3-move. Barbados hardly has 3 move tournaments but I was able to draw one game against World Champion Sergio Scarpetta.

The Highlight of my career is defeating US player Alex Holmes in 2013 with 2-0, Drawing both games with Jim Morrison and Jack Francis, and having one draw with Sergio Scarpetta.

I’m looking forward to the international Zoom 2021 tournament where I will meet a number of Grand Masters. I think this is a good idea because we can’t get to travel during this covid time and it is a historic event as it’s the first time an online tournament will do towards WCDF ratings. The SDA and WCDF should be congratulated for putting together this event.

Kents Draughts Achievements:

  • Barbados Junior Champion
  • Barbados Majors Winner 2014
  • Participant of WCDF Qualifier for Barbados in 2004, 2015 & 2016

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