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Bolands Bridges in the Game of Checkers

Copyright 1954 by Ben Boland, Author and Publisher

Brooklyn, New York, 208 numbered pages.

About the Author

Benjamin (Ben) Boland was born in Lachine, Ontario, Canada in 1910. When he was ten years old his parents relocated to Brooklyn, New York.

He was without a question the greatest problemist. He was a regular contributor to Elam’s Checker Board (ECB).


He did enrich the literature of checkers with such great books like

No finer tribute could be paid than Dr. Marion Tinsley stating “When I go to checker tournaments the only books I carry are those by Ben Boland”. Ben Boland died age 89 in Delray Beach, FL on the 25th March 1999.

Book index

I did just scan the main index but there is an author index on the end of the book listing where to find a bridge ending of a certain problemist.



Bridges_Page_111 Bridges_Page_124

Who is this book for?

Every expert that would like to widen his knowledge in terms of bridge situations. Wouldn’t recommend this book for an beginner. But all of Boland’s Books are simply must haves.


A great work on Bridges and the work to consult on the subject matter. Simply a must have. And keep in mind of course there will be errors as this was before the age of perfect computer play.


5 Star

Where to obtain

If you do like old books or reprints and give an commercial seller a go click the image right below.


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