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Charlie’s Time

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ISBN: 9-798719-531939

Charles Walker ©2021

First Edition Softcover – 193 numbered pages.

About the authors

Charles Clendell Walker (1934-)

He was born in Hattiesburg, Mississippi and married to Deloris Marie Walker and has three children. As a checker player, among other achievements, he has won over 40 Mississippi State Checker Tournaments. He formed the International Checker Hall of Fame and set several Guinness World Records for playing simultaneous checkers. One of his many noteworthy achievements was his involvement in helping to set up the famous Man against Machine match with Marion Tinsley. Over his lifetime, he did hold various official positions in Checkers and is a lifelong promoter of our game. For those interested, there is a complete and lengthy biography in his book Charlie’s Time.

Book index

The book has no index but has 25 Chapters in total.


The book handles Charles Walker’s life journey from his early childhood to a young adult and a successful businessman. He touches on his friendship with the great Marion Tinsley and many other players, his inner beliefs, and his faith. He even touches on the darker moments of his life and gives his side when he was in legal struggles with the IRS.

Who is this book for

All those interested in Charles Walker’s extraordinary life. There are no checker games, but they teach you his life and belief system. If you are interested in this and some of his life stories, then you will have a good time with the book Charlie’s Time.


All in all a good read if you want to learn more about Charles Walker. Learn about the man, husband, and his relationships and beliefs. Who is better to give you an insight into his life than Charles Walker himself?


5 Star

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