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Checkers. Stearns’ Book of Portraits of Prominent Players of the World.

by L. M. Stearns.

Published by the Author at Derry Depot, N. H., U.S.A

Derry, N. H., Charles Barlet, Job Printer, Main St.

Entered according to Act of Congress in the year of 1894 by Lyman M. Stearns in the Office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington.

About the authors

Lyman Marshall Stearns (1858-1918)

Born in Goffstown on the 4th of March 1858, he did run the checker column in the Derry Depot and publisher of such fine work as The Draughts Marvel, Stearns Book of Portraits 1&2, Granite State Checker Series. During his lifetime, he was a known checker columnist, author, and publisher. He was very active in checkers & chess circles and had a large picture collection of player portraits.

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Who is this book for

Every lover of good life stories and to put faces to some of the most famous names of early checker history. Are you looking for a picture or drawing of James, Wyllie, C. F. Barker, Robert Martins, Robert McCall, and many others.


A great look for everyone that likes to read about old-time players and put a face to a name. The assorted problems and games of the players do round it up but the main selling point is the biographical information and player portraits.


5 Star

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