Buyers beware of Henry Knox Book Company (Torrington, CT U.S.A.)

Unfortunately, book-buying, especially if you’re into collecting old and antique draughts and checkers books, doesn’t always go smoothly. Yet I do have to say my experience is that this is the low 1% of all sellers on eBay, Abebooks and other professional merchants.
Furthermore, I would like to talk about this dishonest bookselling company and buyer awareness.
The company had Henry Knox Book Company (Torrington, CT U.S.A.) used to have a book for sale. The book was the following item.

Unfortunately, this was not what had arrived. Instead, I did receive a tournament booklet of the 5th Scottish Draughts Championship Tournament 1897 instead of all 5 in one volume.

This is usually not the end of the world as we all know not all people or sellers are versed in draughts and checkers affairs and books. Yet to confuse two so different books in appearance and page size is still a bit mind-boggling, but we are all human.

So I did drop the company an email. A calendar week passed by without an answer, so I had to involve customer support to get a reply as they demanded their sellers to answer within two business days. Unfortunately, this is all that Abebooks offers besides returning an item, and their ratings are not based on customers satisfaction but shipping fulfilment.

The Abebooks customer support eventually got the below response if the wrong order was sent by mistake.

One could answer in many more professional ways as I had the intention to clear up a possible mistake by the seller. First, I intended to reorder the same book and keep the 5th tournament booklet. But with the below response and purchase price of 20 Dollars with shipping of 30 Dollars, it doesn’t make any economic sense to resend or ask for a refund.

The only good thing I can say is shipping was fast and smooth. I did, of course, reply to the email. I am asking you to please check if a mistake was made and the book in question is still there with no answers for another week, and I doubt I ever get any response.

Just be aware of this book company having no after service and possible lists wrong book description which is deceitful and highly unprofessionell.

Buyers and collectors be aware of

Henry Knox Book Company 121 New Harwinton Rd Torrington, CT, U.S.A. 06790

Their sales platforms are: